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Yogiful is focused on providing exciting and conscious content to kids and parents. We want kids to be outside, but when they aren’t we want them to have access to conscious content.  Our goal at Yogiful is to create a revolution in the mindset of our kids that will have ripping effects to everyone they meet. Our content is focused on providing tools that will help kids self cope with everyday emotions and feelings in a mindful way. 


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Lauren Moon


(Mindful Executive Officer)

Lauren is the Founder of Yogiful and #wigglelikeaworm. She hopes to encourage children to realize their inner strength and compassion for others and themselves through the art of movement, play, and yoga. Laurens' passion is to teach both adults and children the powerful existence one can have while living in the present moment. As we all know, playfulness and living life through a 'child's eye' is something adults commonly forget. Her goal is to create a new wave of mindful leaders, starting with our youth. 

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Blake Harper


(Mindful Operations Officer)

As the Mindful Operations Officer, Blake is excited to be a part of Yogiful. With a young daughter Gigi (pictured), he hopes to instill a love for yoga early on! It is an ideal tool for coping with the stress and challenges that life can bring as well as general health and well-being. As a public health professional, he believes Yogiful has the power to unlock unlimited potential in children and youth. His goal is to leverage the power of yoga to improve the health and wellness of our children and youth.

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